Meeting between Yevgeny Nepoklonov, Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, and Tamila Aliyeva, Director of the National Scientific and Control Institute of Veterinary Drugs, Azerbaijan

The talks were held on the initiative of the Russian party in Paris on the 25th of May within the framework of the 83d OIE General Session. The talks were devoted to discussion of topical issues of cooperation between the countries in the field of veterinary surveillance and biological safety provision in case of mutual supplies of animal products.

The parties discussed interaction aimed at FMD control in Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation as well as bordering countries. For the purpose of coordination of activities the Rosselkhoznadzor suggested that a Regional Program for FMD control in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran should be developed and submitted to the OIE, FAO and EuFMD after it has been harmonized with the specified countries.

It was agreed that scientific institutions of both countries should enhance mutual data exchange in the field of nodular dermatitis studies.

When discussing mutual supplies of animal products the Rosselkhoznadzor specialists informed the Azerbaijan party about used approaches to implementation of regionalization and compartmentalization principles. In the nearest time the Rosselkhoznadzor will send a request to the National Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan to conduct an inspection of several Russian establishments for resolving the issue of product export to Azerbaijan.

The parties mentioned that the dialogue was quite important and that it contributed to constructive development of Russian-Azerbaijanian relations.

25 may 2015